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Russia’s contribution to a more sustainable fishery industry

Photo of canned fish products on the shelves of a Moscow supermarket.

Russia has one of the world’s 10 most important fishery industries with an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of 7.6 million km² that provides access to one of the world’s largest sea territories. thinkRUSSIA investigates what trends and initiatives are developing to help better sustain fisheries in Russia.

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Education abroad becomes easier than ever before

Photo of university graduates after the ceremony presenting diplomas.

thinkRUSSIA takes a look at Russia’s newly redesigned Global Education Program and what it means for young Russians. 

What is the Global Education Program?

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Improving Russia’s health through smoking ban

Photo of a man placing a no-smoking sign on the window of a building.

thinkRUSSIA takes a closer look at a recent Russia’s anti-tobacco legislation aimed at improving Russian health

Having launched the Decade of Sport, Russia not only promotes sport activities, but also tackles another end of the initiative – citizens’ health and well being. Since June 1, 2014, Russia has joined the wide range of international countries that prohibit smoking in public places.

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Russia hosts forum on Internet entrepreneurship

Photo of staff at Yandex exploring the Internet company's analytics.

On June 10, Russia’s Internet Initiatives Development Fund hosted the Internet Entrepreneurship in Russia Forum, attended by President Putin, representatives of development institutions and investment funds and executives of Russia's largest online businesses, such as Yandex, Rambler, Mail.ru, OZON, RBC.ru and LiveInternet.

Fostering entrepreneurs in Russia

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World Petroleum Congress: The Olympics of the energy industry

Photo of the Bristol Group at the Russia Fuel and Energy Complex.

thinkRUSSIA takes a look at one of the world’s most influential gatherings for the international energy sector, the World Petroleum Congress in Moscow.

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Russia’s airports receive applause

Photo of an Aeroflot plane landing at Sheremetyevo international airport.

thinkRUSSIA explores recent awards for Russian airports and how Russia’s air transit system stacks up globally.

Sheremetyevo takes top honors

Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport was recently dubbed the best airport in Europe at the Airports Council International (ACI) annual Airport Service Quality (ASQ) awards. These annual awards recognize the best airports in the world according to the ACI’s ASQ passenger satisfaction survey, which is based on passengers’ flight experience from beginning to end at 285 of the world’s airports. 

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This Week In Russia: Startup Village [video]

Photo of advisor to Skolkovo Foundation's President Pekka Viljakainen speaks at the Startup Village international conference of startup companies and investors.

thinkRUSSIA explores the 2nd Annual “Startup Village,” a Skolkovo Foundation initiative to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in Russia. On the sidelines of the 2014 Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), thinkRUSSIA spoke with Pekka Viljakainen, advisor to the President of Skolkovo at Skolkovo Foundation.

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Russia provides aid to the flood-stricken Balkans

Photo of officers of Russia's Ministry for Civil Defense, Emergency Situations and Disaster Relief aid residents of an inundated Serbian district.

States of emergency have been announced in regions of Bosnia and Serbia following the worst floods since rainfall records began 120 years ago. Three months worth of rain fell in just three days last week in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia in a deluge that damaged infrastructure, claiming dozens of people’s lives. thinkRussia reports on the situation in the region and the help provided to Balkan countries by Russia and European countries.

Bosnia and Serbia hit by the worst flooding since the 19th century

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SPIEF 2014: Emerging market corporate philanthropy

Image of panelist at SPIEF

thinkRUSSIA is on the ground at the 2014 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Check back for news on all things SPIEF and follow @thinkRUSSIA on Twitter for real-time updates.

Meet the panellists:

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SPIEF explores the future of our food

Image of workers covering grain barn-floor in the village of Myshlanka, Novosibirsk Region

thinkRUSSIA is on the ground at the 2014 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Check back for news on all things SPIEF and follow @thinkRUSSIA on Twitter for real-time updates.


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