Night of Music Moscow Festival

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October 24, 2013
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Photo of conductor Vladimir Spivakov of Russia’s National Philharmonic
Conductor and artist director Vladimir Spivakov of Russia’s National Philharmonic Orchestra © Konstantin Rodikov, RIA Novosti

For many countries, the International Music Day (IMD) held in the beginning of October is a day well worth celebrating as it brings people together in an evening of musical festivities. Across the Northern Hemisphere, it is also one of the last outdoor festivals before the cold winter really kicks in. For the first time this year, Russia hosted its own citywide festival in Moscow called “Night of Music.”

The festival consisted of 150 stages throughout the city and accommodated many different styles of music. The concerts were spread throughout the city’s numerous galleries, cinemas and concert halls with the intention of being, for the most part, entirely free; only four of the largest events required tickets and even then prices were reasonable.

Some of the main features for the night included performances from Moscow’s 12 music schools which prepare the country’s future classical musicians. While music styles were varied the main emphasis was on classical music in an attempt to appeal to people who might not usually listen to such music. In addition to music there were other organized activities such as lectures, discussions, master classes and screenings.

In an interview with Moskva 24 television, Deputy Director of the Moscow culture department Yelena Zelentsova said “the idea behind this event was a continuation of the popular events that Muscovites are already accustomed to, such as Museum Night and Library Night.”

The Night of Music also featured some well known musicians, such as saxophonist Igor Butman, who said in a press conference ahead of the festival that they were all dedicated to expanding the musical horizons of everyday Muscovites, and would participate in the festival for free.

Yekaterina Kalachikova, the project’s curator, said that the turnout exceeded all expectations with most events widely attended and not a single show cancelled. She added that the culture department of the Moscow government was aiming to make the event a nationwide occurrence for next year.

What kind of performances would you like to see at next year’s event?


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