Krispy Kreme: Why we brought our doughnuts to Moscow

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October 01, 2013
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Photo of the new Krispy Kreme store in Moscow.
The Krispy Kreme store in Moscow. © Krispy Kreme.

thinkRUSSIA spoke with James Phillips, Regional Marketing Manager of Krispy Kreme, on the brand’s recent expansion into Russia.

What brought Krispy Kreme to Moscow?  

We’ve spent considerable time researching the market and working to find the right partner and believe now is the right time for Krispy Kreme to come to Moscow.  Moscow is, after all, the sixth biggest city in the world and we are pleased to have partnered with Arkady Novikov, who has excellent experience in developing restaurant concepts in Moscow and abroad. Many Russian customers have experienced Krispy Kreme when traveling abroad, whether in Asia, Europe or the United States but we’re delighted to finally bring Krispy Kreme to Moscow, so they can share that experience firsthand with family and friends.

What was the reaction to Krispy Kreme’s first store in Russia? 

We were delighted with the customer reaction to our first store on Nikolskaya Street! The street itself has undergone a complete transformation and is bound to become a destination for locals and tourists alike.  At 9 a.m. on the morning of the opening we had a queue of more than 200 customers waiting in line outside to taste one of the first hot Original Glazed® doughnuts come off the line. Some had however been there much longer: the first customer in line had waited for 22 hours outside and was delighted to win a Golden Ticket entitling him to a year’s free supply of doughnuts.  It was great to see customers taking time to sit with friends and share a dozen doughnuts and coffees.  It’s still in its early days, but the store has been busy throughout the days since opening and we think our freshly-made doughnuts and great range of premium coffees and Chillers® will really appeal to Muscovites, whether they drop in for a quick break or come to share the experience with family and friends.

How does the Moscow Krispy Kreme fit in with the larger fast food trend in Russia?

There has obviously been a huge amount of development in the market over the past decade. The domestic and local coffee chains have grown their store base dramatically over the past few years and Moscow is an exciting city which continues to evolve and develop. Moscow has some excellent restaurants and a much more diverse choice of offers than was the case a decade ago, whether fast food or casual dining venues.  The Krispy Kreme store on Nikolskaya has been designed to create a café style environment, with plenty of soft seating and areas where customers can spend a while catching up with friends, family or colleagues, but is also convenient and meet the needs of customers who just want to pick up a coffee on their way to work and not linger too long.   We’ve been very sympathetic to the building in the design of the interior and as a result we feel the store will appeal to Muscovites young and old.  One thing unique to Krispy Kreme is the “doughnut theater” where customers can see our doughnuts being made freshly in store on a daily basis.  When the Hot Light® is illuminated, customers will be able to drop into the store and order a hot Original Glazed® doughnut off the line, which has to be tasted to be believed.

What are some special flavors or toppings the Moscow store will use to reflect local tastes?

We’ve launched a “Grilyazh” doughnut which has proved very popular with customers and we plan to develop local flavors unique to the Moscow market which we will launch in the coming year.  As in other markets around the world, localization of the offer in terms of doughnuts and beverages is an important element of the Krispy Kreme brand and working with a partner like Novikov Group certainly opens up a lot of opportunity for great product development here in Moscow!

What do you see as the future for Krispy Kreme in Russia?

We look forward to opening more stores across Moscow in the coming years and to ensure we are conveniently located for customers to drop in and pick up a dozen doughnuts or to enjoy some of our premium coffee beverages.

We will continue to innovate our offer, open stores in premium locations and connect the Krispy Kreme brand with Muscovites of all ages. Our agreement with Novikov Group is to open 40 stores in Moscow so we look forward to having many more places to enjoy Krispy Kreme in the coming years.

James Phillips is a regional marketing manager for Krispy Kreme.

Are you a Krispy Kreme fan? What flavors do you think the Moscow store should create?


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