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Expert Corner with Invesco Perpetual's Liesbeth Rubinstein

Invesco Perpetual is one of the largest independent investment managers in the UK, managing assets on behalf of consumers, institutional clients and investment professionals. Their Emerging Europe Equity Fund, managed by Liesbeth Rubinstein since 2008, aims to achieve long-term capital growth from investment, primarily in shares of companies in emerging European countries, and also in Russia.

Expert Corner with Wintershall’s Margarita Hoffmann: modernization of Russia’s energy sector

Margarita Hoffmann, based in Moscow, is managing director of Wintershall Russland GmbH. Wintershall, a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF, is Germany’s largest crude oil and natural gas producer. The company has been present in Russia since 1990.

What were the main reasons for Wintershall’s participation in the International Energy Week that recently took place in Moscow?

Russian hotel industry booking rooms in the regions

November 05, 2010

As investors increasingly look to enter the Russian market, including the regions outside of Moscow and St.

Russian expatriates called for while foreigners working in Russia continue to thrive

November 05, 2010

In addition to attracting foreign talent to drive its modernization efforts, Russia is battling against brain drain and reaching out to its expatriates around the world in an effort to harness their technical skills for domestic projects.

Case New Holland: “growing our presence in this market is a must”

Russia’s goal of becoming the world’s top grain exporter is an ambitious one; with more than 45 million people involved directly or indirectly in the agriculture sector, and with more than 118 million hectares of arable land and large water supplies, there are both domestic and political balances to maintain, as well as domestic and international trade opportunities to realize for the development of agriculture in the country.

George Cohon on bringing McDonald’s and Cirque du Soleil to Russia

November 03, 2010

When George Cohon introduced McDonald’s first Russian franchise to Moscow in 1990, the whole world was watching. Newspapers ran images of Russians lined-up by the thousands, and televisions showed footage of the seamless way that only McDonald’s can serve over 30,000 people in one day.

Eureka! Russian and American research universities team up to promote entrepreneurship

Leading Russian and American research universities will soon partner with each other through a multiyear collaborative program designed to have American science researchers teach their Russian counterparts about U.S.-honed models for transferring technology and commercializing academic research.  The Russians in turn will train academics at other Russian universities on how to best commercialize their technological inventions and build Russia’s high-tech capacity.

Time is ripe to develop agribusiness in Russia, says Ustinova

Russia’s worst drought in a century has turned fresh attention to agriculture’s vital importance for the country’s economy and society. With food prices spiraling and lines for buckwheat growing longer by the day, the authorities are frantically working out schemes to contain inflation and reassure the population that no real food shortages are looming.

New Report: Russia’s modernization and innovation from the perspective of foreign investors

October 21, 2010

This month, Russia’s Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC) released a white paper titled “Russia’s Modernization and Innovation from the Perspective of Foreign Investors.” The report used a series of interviews and research to look at the modernization and innovation (M&I) of Russia’s economy and its effect on foreign investment in Russia.

Bay Area attracts U.S. and Russian business leaders for USRBC Annual Meeting

October 20, 2010

The 18th U.S.-Russia Business Council (USRBC) Annual Meeting, “From Silicon Valley to Skolkovo: Forging Innovation Partnerships,” will focus on efforts to drive innovation in Russia and modernize Russia's economy across a range of sectors.  Business leaders will gather in the San Francisco Bay Area this week to determine how cooperation between U.S. and Russian companies can help propel long-term growth in both countries.


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