Digital maps help unlock market potential in Russia

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August 13, 2013
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A digital map of Russia's administrative units.
A snapshot of GfK’s digital map of Russia’s administrative units.

Newly-updated digital maps of Russia are helping businesses expand sales into new territories while targeting key audiences.

Geomarketing and research company GfK updated 19 digital maps of Russia to reflect hundreds of new postal and administrative regions, offering comprehensive coverage of the country. In particular, GfK offers highly-detailed maps for Russia’s biggest economic centers, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Kazan, and Sochi.

"It's very difficult to acquire detailed, up-to-date data sources for Russia," said Klaus Dittmann, head of cartography at GfK. "Our cartographers often have to painstakingly research the exact locations of the administrative and postal boundaries. Our new maps give companies a very precise and up-to-date basis for business analyses in Russia. Reliable maps are a prerequisite for correctly geocoding company data and accurately analyzing data on market potential."

By mapping geographic information, business can unlock the potential of markets in different geographical areas. These digital maps allow users to expand sales territories and offer an opportunity to use geographic information systems (GIS) software to analyze market data.

GfK’s updated maps of Russia cover nearly 3,300 six-digit postcodes and 2,500 districts. Supplementary topographic maps also feature city points, Russia’s street network, bodies of water and even airports – providing another layer of detail by which business owners can make marketing decisions.


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