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Russia calling – enhancing German-Russian business ties

thinkRUSSIA recently attended the presentation of a new initiative designed to bolster Russo-German business ties, specifically for SMEs.

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Gaidar goes from strength to strength

January 26, 2015

For the 6th consecutive year, The Gaidar Forum took place in Moscow and attracted more experts, participants and journalists from around the globe than ever before. thinkRUSSIA finds out what this year had in store.

The Gaidar Forum 2015 offered yet another exciting platform for high-level politicians, business and current events.

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International Green Week showcases Russian agricultural products

January 26, 2015

This week thinkRUSSIA follows the Russian participation at the agriculture exhibition International Green Week in Berlin.


What is IGW?

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Russia to invest in smart grid electrical infrastructure

December 22, 2014
Photo of power lines in Russia.

As the world’s third largest consumer of energy, Russia has announced plans to modernize its energy infrastructure, expanding its use of the smart grid electrical framework to make its energy transmission more efficient and less wasteful.

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Yandex launches online marketplace for household services: Yandex.Master

November 05, 2014
Photo of the Yandex headquarters in Moscow.

Russia’s leading search engine has created a specialized search platform for household services, responding to demand for such tasks with its new online marketplace called Yandex.Master. Via the marketplace, consumers can find professional help for services ranging from home cleaning to appliance repair.

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Battling wildfires via Russian aviation

October 27, 2014
Photo of the Beriev Be-200 aircraft, which fights wildfires.

The Russian Beriev Be-200 jet is a public safety game-changer designed and built to avoid the community turmoil, environmental damage, public health crises, disrupted economies, and stunted growth that result from out-of-control wildfires. Stopping natural disasters in their tracks sounds like an impossible job, but the Be-200 does exactly that with wildfires in Russia and it is ready to share its success with countries around the world. thinkRUSSIA takes a look at what makes the mighty Be-200 purpose-built for our future.

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2014 Open Innovations Forum: Highlighting emerging technologies

October 13, 2014
Photo of the 2013 Open Innovations Forum.

The annual Open Innovations Forum returns to Russia this week, running October 14-16 at the Technopolis Moscow. The Forum is a global discussion platform dedicated to emerging technologies and furthering innovation and collaboration worldwide.

“Creative Disruption”

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Internet of Things: Building a connected world

October 01, 2014
Photo of a polycom 741К-FC chip, which helps build the Internet of Things in Russia.

The ability for products to be connected to the Internet, to each other and to individuals – that is the basic premise behind the Internet of Things (IoT). The concept has recently arrived in Russia, where innovators are excited to join this new technology revolution. thinkRUSSIA takes a look at Internet of Things developments in Russia and  the future of this next level of connectivity.

A connected world

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Russian apps to watch (Part 1)

September 25, 2014
Photo of a mobile app in Moscow.

thinkRUSSIA looks at three apps developed in Moscow and how they are changing a consumer’s everyday life – from their music to their finances to their board meetings! Stay tuned for future “apps to watch.”

For the music lover: 10Tracks

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Cross-sectoral innovation in tackling cancer

September 23, 2014
Photo of brain micro neurosurgery in Yekaterinburg.

Digital solutions are changing the face of medicine by merging different sectors to bring solutions in the fight against various diseases and disorders. Russia’s digital health sector has also grown, most recently with Brain Target, software aimed at tackling and monitoring brain cancer. thinkRUSSIA explores the startup and its future.

Creativity in fighting brain cancer


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